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Comparison Between Traditional Vs. Dynamic Project Management

Project Management Apps

Project management can be largely divided into two categories – Traditional and Dynamics or Web-based. In modern times, web-based project management software better than other, The Advance state-of-the-art software and applications is best-suited for teams and Business. AppSavy new and emerged approach to managing every type any size projects as it has proven to provide better controlling, high productivity, higher quality, more accurate and efficient decision making and much more...

Traditional Project Management

  • Traditional method of project management process many a times facing time line and budget issues that was done through more paperwork, less automation. This eventually led to a lot of logjam, paper wastage and unnecessary time consumption, which became some of the major drawbacks of this type of project management.
  • The traditional project MGMT tools Schedules are rarely up to date; plans are hard to access; risks are hidden until it’s too late and team members don’t have any idea what they should be working on.
  • Traditional projects often rely on metrics and controls that often may not even be adding value to the Business and team.

Dynamics or Web Based Project Management

  • On the other hand, Dynamics Project Management tools are feature based; the project manager develops an effective workflow structure along with the team in estimated cost and time against each task.
  • It evolving new methodology and are now quickly developing solutions with state-of-the-art applications, much like the services offered at ‘Appsavy Platform’; to assist businesses in hassle-free project management.
  • Dynamics PM tools more powerful and high demandable tailor-made; successful delivering on time and in budget solutions, when required; fast collaborated people and products that are empowered Business productivity and transparency.
  • It is basically a collection of processes, programs and cloud based a cross solutions, used to manage and track real time the activities of projects over the iOS, Android, and Web.