Kashi IPDS Project Monitoring Mobile Application for Better Project Execution

Mobineers Kashi IPDS Project Monitoring App

The recently launched Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) has emerged as a boon for different areas. The one such area is Kashi where IPDS is required to be monitored very closely and the entire efforts have to be made towards the success of this project.


To handle the power development activities going on in Kashi, it was important to build a system that could speed up the entire work. The cable wires on the area were required to be made underground while construction of new sub stations was required. In addition to this, citizens of the region wanted to access the right to be informed of the status of the work in progress. The need of the hour was to develop an application that could help the masses and result into the transparency & smooth functioning of the IPDS project.


After analyzing the entire situation in Kashi, we developed Kashi IPDS Project Monitoring mobile application. We designed this unique app on AppSavy Platform, with a motive to keep the citizens informed about the progress. The major feature of this project MGMT application is that it provides the complete details of the work schedule of every specific area.

In coming days, we are going to update the photographs of the activities taking place on the site, so that people can have better visualization of the work in progress. It simply means that the app will give an access to the real-time status check.

The success story

The new Cloud-Based Project Management Software has gained people’s attention largely. In fact, the honorable Union Minister (Energy and Coal, Shri Piyush Goyal himself launched the Kashi IPDS Project Monitoring mobile application and appreciated our efforts. Furthermore, this app is very user-friendly and can be used on Android, iOS and Web.

It has made the management of documents, planning and preparation of daily reports much easier than before. In future, the app is also going to support the organizations in performing authentic analysis, better visibility & accountability and a better awareness of the project. The work in progress can also be compared based on the timelines of planning and execution. .